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David Templeton

Telephone:+34 649 312 753
Born in Nottinghamshire, England. Studied at Leeds College of Arte from 1967 – 1970. Professor of Art at Cambridge, England. In 1978 he came to Deia where he lives and paints and also sings with the Pa Amb Oli band. 

1947 born in Workshop, Nottinghamshire 
1951/52 Attends nursery school. Becomes hooked on daily doses of malt and cod liver oil. 
1951 completes 22ft snake in plasticine 
1952/62 attends st Mary's Roman Catholic school 
1960 joins "workshop society of artists" 
1961 awarded 1st prize in "under 14" painting competition, Workshop Library 
1962/65 Mansfield College of Art (per-diploma course) 
1965 sees first Bob Dylan concert, Sheffield City Hall. 
1965 breaks with Catholicism after mass is changed from Latin to English 
1966 Nottingham school of art ( experimental painting course) 
1966 sees Jimi Hendrix experience - Sherwood rooms, Nottingham 
1967/70 Leeds College of Art (B.A Honours) 
1970/73 teaches full time at the on slow school. Hatfield, Hearts 
1971 marries Felicity Jean Rowan Herbert at Hatfield registrar office 
1973 born a son Joseph Robert 
1973/76 teaches full time at Comberton Village College 
1974 appears in "a resounding tinkle" at Welwyn drama festival 
1976 leaves England: travels to France, Spain, Portugal, canary islands 
1977 lives in Crete. Travels to Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Iran. Numerous exhibitions 
1978 arrives in Deia 
1978 separates from Felicity Jean Rowan Herbert 
1979 forms Pa amb oli bank with Juan and Tomas Graves 
1989 homage to John Lennon concert. St German discotheque, Puerto Soller. 
1981 the artists right hand appears briefly I. The film" evil under the sun" 
1982 begins to correlate "notebook" material and collages ino unified yet heterogenous entity, which foreshadows in a highly concentrated fashion almost all important work to come. 
1985 climatic year of the artists most important pastel/ pencil drawings. 
1985 meets painter Kerstin Unger Salen. 
1986 resumes oil painting after 15 year break 
1987 first visit to Sweden 
1988 "Robert graves drawings" exhibited at Chelsea Arts Club, London. 
1989 leaves Deia . Visits the United States and Mexico. ( re-traces James deans fatal drive from Los Angeles to Cholame intersection) 
1989 moves to Cas Bernats, Sa Figuera to live with Kerstin Unger Salen and son Joe 
1990 wins medal of honour st autumn salon, circulo de bells rates, Palma 
1991 collage exhibition at Manu, Galleria de Arte, Palma, Mallorca 
1992 'BIG VILLA'- Posdam, Germany- Collage Show (One Man). 
1993 LARGE 'ROCK' paintings for 'MEGA' music (Stockholm, Sweden). 
1994 Continue with works for MEGA- theme extends to movies/other musical themes. 
1995 GALEREI AM HUFEISEN- Dusseldorf, Germany. July JOANNA KUNTSMAN GALLERY- Casconos, Mallorca. 
1996 GALLERY DANELSON- Stockholm (Collage). 
1997 CHAMELEON THEATRE, Berlin- 20 large oil paintings of Elvis (20th anniversary). Performed favorite 20 Elvis songs for Elvis Fan Club at Chameleon. Featured on 'Good Morning' BBC TV- My Life & Work. 
September 1998 Opened Gallery- Soller, Mallorca. 
1999 GALERIA MINKNER, Palma, Pallorca. 
2000 Studio work 
2001-2005 Private Art Courses in painting and drawing. Annual exhibitions at Hotel La Residencia, Deia. 
2006-2013 continue to paint figurative & collage in Deia, Mallorca- while continuing numerous concerts with Pa Amb Oli band.