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Joanna Khune

Telephone:+34-699 52 18 72
I was born in Chicago Illinois, USA and attended the University of Illinois graduating with a degree in Fine Arts specializing in ceramic and glass sculpture. 

I am also trained in painting and enjoy painting on ceramics. At the age of 15 years old I had the desire to live close to nature and decided that when my studies were finished I would leave the big city and go to the Carribbean in search of a beautiful island to live in the mountains by the sea. In 1980 after graduation I flew to the VIrgin Islands and began working on sail boats in quest of my dream. I fell in love with a beautiful sailboat and crossed the atlantic with it, sailing all over the mediteranean visiting many islands along the way. 
At the end of a year on the boat we docked in the harbor of Palma de Mallorca. I found my way to the international artist village nestled in the mountains called Deia where I have lived ever since. I met my husband in Deia and we opened a cafe/restaurant and had two children. I began to create ceramics for the cafe and people bought them off the walls, encouraging me to make more to replace them. After selling the restaurant in 1998 I have been doing my ceramics full time. 

Most of the hotels, cafes and restaurants in Deia own and display my ceramics which reflect much of the fauna and flora of the beautiful nature as well as the sea world. I have integrated myself into the community of Mallorcans as well as the local foreign population of creatives including painters, musicians, film folks, photographers and sculptors who make Deia unique and exciting place to live.