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Ulrich Leman

Ulrich Leman (October 15, 1885-April 22, 1988) was a German painter. Born in Düsseldorf, he became interested in painting at an early age and in 1919 he co-founded the group "The Young Rheinland" with other young painters of the day, including Otto Dix and Gert Heinrich Wollheim. 

At the end of the 1920s Leman made his first trip to Majorca and decided to move there. In 1930 the artist made his home in Deià, Majorca. This began an intense time, up until his death, of major accomplishments. With his renowned style he incorporated the themes of the Spanish island, its landscapes, people and their personalities. No other artist has understood quite so well, the characteristic features of the island, its appeal and its inflexibility and captured it so well in his works (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). 

Locals still remember and talk about His 102 birthday party at El Olivo restaurant when he did not stop dancing and enjoying holding his usual cigar. 

Photographs courtesy of David Templeton.