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Sa Cova

Telephone:+34 971 636 422
Category :€
Address:Calle Felipe Bauza, Deia, 07179

Tucked away fom the main road in Deia one can find this little gem. Serving Asian cuisine and a regular spells menu, Sa cova is both cosy and intimate with traditional stone walls.

The menu generally change daily and can include:Cantonese Roast Duck, seaweed salad, stewed tofu, homemade dumplings and wontons, Charsiu Chicken wings, Hoisin ribs, Cantonese stirfried noodles, Beijing Spicy noodles, Spicy eggplant, Blackbean chicken and various Chinese stews. In winter we have the Chinese Fondue or Hotpot on reservation, which includes meat, seafood and vegetables that you cook in a homemade broth.

And for dessert we have homemade ice cream: raspberry, chocolate, lychee or mango.

Tables can be reserved until 20'30.